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威海淄博旅游景点介绍英文 山东旅游景点英文介绍


Zibo City in China's eastern coastal economic province in the central part of Shandong Province, is China's Bohai Rim region a unique style instrial city, approved by the State Council on the Shandong Peninsula coastal open cities, is the famous "Qi Gu Du", "Ceramic City" , "Strange Stories from Hometown," "Hometown Football" and "City of petrochemicals." Xianxia five district counties, a total area of 5,938 square kilometers, the total population of 4199900.

Zibo is the birthplace of Qi Culture. Linzi Zibo City, more than 2,600 years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period is the most powerful Qi of the capital, was the largest city in the Orient is one of the earliest football origin. Zibo City cultural relics, many are state-level historical and cultural cities, Qi Old City "underground museum," said. Zibo City Renjiedeling, of talented, Chun only come forth in large numbers, have been bred out here Guan Zhong, Yanying, Zuo Si, Wang Yuyang, Zhao Zhixin, such as a large number of politicians, and cultural home, the artist. "King of the World Short Stories" Mr. Pu Songling's house is located in the Po Jinjiazhuang Zichuan District.

Zibo City relatively solid economic strength. Since 1992, Zibo were successively included in the Chinese city's comprehensive strength of the ranks of the top 50. In recent years, the gross domestic proct every year to more than 10 per cent growth in 2004 reached 123.096 billion yuan.

Zibo in Shandong Province and the whole country is an important instrial base. In 2004, the annual instrial output value reached all the 224.8 billion yuan, of which more than scale instrial enterprises achieved a total output value 189.842 billion yuan, an increase of 33.94 percent. A wide range of instries, mainly oil and chemicals, ceramics, textiles, silk, medicine, building materials, metallurgy, machinery and electrical appliances, plastics, and electronics instries 35, with a large number in China, occupies an important position in Shandong enterprises and procts. Zibo is China's five major proction base of ceramics, art glass and silk proction is a long history, full color varieties. Volume of crude oil processed, alumina, antipyretic drugs and small and medium-sized electrical output tops the forefront of China. In recent years, the implementation of structural optimization in Zibo City strategy, increased investment in key instrial projects to support and strive to nurture the Electrical and Mechanical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, new materials, and other pillar instries, and to achieve noticeable results; deepen enterprise reform of the system of property rights, and promote the transformation of joint-stock enterprises, the city has more than 14 stocks listed have both inside and outside.

Zibo higher level of agricultural modernization, comprehensive mechanization level reached 78 per cent. Huantai County, in north China is a "double-1000 County" (1000 kilograms of grain per mu, income 1,000 yuan per mu) Yiyuan, high Green respectively to the national cotton, fruit proction, "the county 100" list, the city's basically realize a well-off rural areas. Zibo in Shandong Province is an important distribution center for goods and trade centre, were built a wealth of China Ceramic City, Zichuan clothing City, Linzi chemical City and vegetable wholesale market, the textile market Zhoucun, Boshan ceramic glaze and the Electrical and Mechanical professional market, and other large wholesale market . In recent years, finance, insurance, real estate, tourism, information services, such as faster development of the tertiary instry in 2001 among the ranks of China Excellent Tourism City.

A solid foundation of science and technology, urban construction, with each passing day. Portland is Zibo in Shandong Province, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, silk, and metallurgical aspects of important scientific research base. Zibo is China's first batch of three Spark technology-intensive area of three was named China through science and ecation, advanced cities. Environmental protection, landscaping, the city management continue to make new achievements. January 20, 1996 are designated as national health city. Zibo in Shandong Province is an important traffic hub cities, rail and road density are among the best in China. Zhangdian away from downtown Jinan International Airport 70 km to 210 km west of Qing port, air, sea is very convenient. Zibo in Shandong is the mail processing centre and telecommunications centers, and in 2000 became the first telephone in Shandong Province city.

Zibo City unique layout of the city. Zhangdian, Boshan, Zichuan, Zhoucun, Linzi District and five Huantai County was the plum blossom-shaped distribution of the North-South four things from the City Centre City were about 20 km, urban and rural staggered, layout stretch, a city groups . In recent years, the economic and social Zibo a tremendous change in the people's living standards, the basic livelihood guarantee and public social insurance system established and increasingly improved.

Constantly expanding foreign relations and foreign trade and exports to grow steadily. Zibo City in Erie with the United States, France Laluoshen City, Japan Kamo City, the Russian Novgorod City, more than 30 Chinese and foreign cities have set up a sister city relationship with over 120 countries and regions established economic cooperation and exchange relations, economic and cultural activists. Germany's Siemens, Japan's Asahi Glass, and a group of international large consortia and large trading companies, big companies have to invest in Zibo. By the end of 2004, has approved 2,350 foreign investment projects, contract 3.927 billion US dollars of foreign capital was actually used 2.476 billion US dollars of foreign capital. Exports to grow steadily, the city's total import and export value in 2004 amounted to 2.664 billion US dollars, up 19 major export procts of more than 300 species, sold to over 70 countries and regions.

With the acceleration of the process of opening to the outside world, Zibo this ancient culture and modern civilization beauty of a modern instrial city, and the world is quickly counterparts


济南——1.The Daming Lake Park(大明湖公园) 7.The Baotu Spring Park (趵突泉公园)

泰安——2.Mount Tai (泰山)

青岛——8.Sea World (海洋世界) 4.Olimpic Sailing Center (奥林匹克运动会帆船中心)

烟台——9.Penglai Pavilion (蓬莱阁)

威海——5.Liugong Island (刘公岛)

菏泽——10.Peony city(牡丹之乡)

潍坊——12.Kite Museum(风筝博物馆) 11.Mount yi(沂山)

曲阜——3.Confucian Temple(孔子庙)

威海——6.Water city in the North在北面的水上城市


Weihai City, the people's Republic of China is the new second tier city, China most famous seaside resort tourism city, China "first-line tourism city", the comprehensive economic strength of 50 strong city, the national 40 excellent investment Chinese City, the first national health city, the first in North Chinese greening up city, China maximum seafood proction base.

Weihai City, Weihai Wei, alias Weizhen sea. Is China distance from the nearest city in Japan, South korea. The first modern navy Chinese birthplace, place Jia Wu naval battle, Jia Wu war invaded by foreign powers and return to the motherland "seven" and one of the. "Three sea a" one. Located in the most eastern end of Chinese coast line easternmost, Shandong Peninsula, North southeast brink of the Yellow Sea on three sides, the north and the Liaodong Peninsula, east of the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese islands, West and the border city of Yantai, the southwest border with Qing City, across the Strait of Bohai and the Liaodong Peninsula Lushunkou potential into horns, for a total of Bohai key Beijing, protect the gateway to the sea. 1/18 has China coastline, known as the "Oriental Cape of Good Hope", "Asia as the place where the sun rises".

In 1984, Weihai became the first batch of China coastal open city (the Yantai - Wei Haiwei). In 1990 was named the first national health city Chinese. In 1996 was named the Ministry of construction of the national garden city. In October 13, 1997 by the environmental protection department awarded the national environmental protection model city. In 1999 January became the first batch of Chinese excellent tourism city. 2000 - 2002 two won the "best practices to improve the city" habitat environment prize. In October 6, 2003, won the global field of the highest award "UN Habitat Award". In 2006 won the United Nations "most livable city" award. In May 7, 2009 was named the National Forest city. One of the safest city China. And the city of Yantai and known as the Chinese famous "snow cave", formed the unique seaside syracuse. "South Sanya, North Weihai" blue water holidays economic circle was benign competition






My hometown is Weihai. It is a city located in the east of Shandong Province. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The air is fresh, beautiful and rich. It is the most suitable place for human habitation.


Weihai's seaside park has beautiful scenery, with flower beds in full bloom, green grass, blue walrus and a sapphire. On

旅游景点介绍模板英文 旅游景点介绍模板英文怎么说




一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇1

Welcome everyone, I am glad that you can come to Pingyao County, where there is the oldest Confucius temple. It was opened to the public Monday after a one-year renovation project.

I hope you can appreciate the spot indeed.

First, I will show the main building of the temple, its the most interesting spot here.

Second, we can walk around to see the other area of the spot. Finally, I will tell the history of the temple.

The main building of the temple was built in 1163, in the Yuan Dynasty , and has a history of more than 840 years.

Compared with other famous Confucius temples nationwide, it was built 248 years earlier than that in Beijing, and 317 years earlier than that in Qufu City, Confucius's home in east China's Shandong Province. The temple in Qufu was added to the list of the World Cultural Heritages in 1995. The Pingyao Confucius Temple has China's largest statue collection of Confucius and famous ancient Confucian scholars. Covering a total area of 40,000 square meters, the temple has 112 buildings in 16 categories. that is the history of the temple.

Please visit as you like. If you have any questions, you can ask me. That's all.

一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇2

I took a trip to Shanghai with my mother ring the seven-day holiday. It took us more than two hours to drive to Shanghai from my home in Haimen. We stayed in a large hotel on the eighth floor. On the first day, I just stayed in the hotel and rested. On the second day, my brother and I went to Nanjing Road.

It’s the busiest street in Shanghai. When we got there, there were lots of people. We walked from one shop to another. I bought two T-shirts and two pairs of trousers for the coming summer. The T-shirts and trousers I bought are all white because white is my favourite colour. My brother also bought some clothes.

On the third day, my mother took me to Jinjiang Entertainment Centre. It was full of people. I played many kinds of games there. I had a good time. The other days, I went to some other interesting places, such as the Oriental Bright Pearl TV Tower, the Huangpu River and Shanghai International Conference Centre. I didn’t forget to do my homework in the evening. I had a full and happy holiday.

一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇3

Beijing is our capital city which is famous for its long history. Now we have a one-day tour plan for you.

In the morning, you can start the day at the Great Wall. Its one of the greatest wonders in the world. Its so magnificent that you cant go to Beijing without visiting the Great Wall. At noon, you can go to the Summer Palace. There are so many interesting sites, such as Wanshou Mountain, Kunming Lake, Suzhou Street, and some other ancient palaces. So you can climb Wanshou Mountain first. The view on the top is so wonderful. Next, you can go boating on Kunming Lake, and then, walk on Suzhou Street to enjoy the life of regions south of the Yangtze River.

In the afternoon, you can go to have a long walk on Tiananman Square, in order to see the city well, and then you can visit the Palace Museum. There you can see different objects of different periods. They are of great value. In the evening, the Front Gate Walking Street is a good place to go where you can buy various kinds of souvenirs and clothes. Most buildings there have the traditional Chinese styles. Maybe you can know some history of ancient Beijing.

一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇4

Today, I and my father, my mother, aunt, sister to go with Ssangyong Gorge. At the station met Sibo, we set off on the ride.

We sat in a small train into the Shuanglong Gorge, the side of the train is a cliff, one side is the mountain. There is a dragon in the mountains of black and green tail dragonfly, can be a good look.

When climbing the shoes will always stick on the point of mud.

Small stones on the edge of the stone is very slippery, very high, very dangerous circumstances we do not go to the water, in a very short, very smooth case to go, the water flow is very slow I went to wash their hands. We caught a little tadpole in the brook. Then we all said it put it, and then we put it back into the pond.

一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇5

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Dali City, and Im sure you will enjoy a pleasant journey here. Indeed, Dali fails no visitors.

Located in the west of Yunnan Province, Dali enjoys a long and splendid history. For five hundred years, it served as the capital of Dali until the collapse of the empire.

Blessed with an agreeable weather, Dali offhrs a cozy home for a large variety of natural plants. For its superiority in natural condition, Dali earns such fame as "Orient Swiss" and "the city of Flower".

Dali has been widely praised for its attraction in natural beauty: Dalis fascination, however, does not end there. Standing in silence here are numerous ancient temples, steles, bells and towers, as the witness of the history of Dall and the proof of the wisdom and creativity of the Dali people.

Our journey here will cover most of the famous spots, making our schele extremely tight. This afternoon, however, you may take a short rest to recover from the fatigue of such a long trip. After supper, we will have a tour in the city to unveil the glamour of Dali behind the curtain of night. There will be more excitements and enjoyments awaiting you in the days to come.

That is a brief introction of our city: and, please DO feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Thank you for your attention.

一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇6

In the year 1893, James Hilton described an eternally peaceful and quiet place among mountains in the East—— "Shangri-La" in one of his novels for the first time. In the novel "Lost Horizon", an English diplomat Conway and his brother Gorge scattered the English citizens and helped them leave the dangerous region. On their way

home,their plane washijackedand fell down into the mountain in the an region. Some lucky survivors were taken to Shangri-la where Conway found lots of fantastic things in such a state founded nearly 200 years ago, in which the local people lived up to more than one hundred years old and lived peacefully and harmoniously with the other people, animals and everything here. The place was called "Shangri-La" by the local folks。

James Hilton located "Shangri-La" in a mysterious valley which was surrounded by snowcapped mountains; near where there were snow-clad peaks, blue lakes, broad grassy marshlands, and lamaseries, Buddhist nunneries, mosques, Catholic Church, the human beings and the nature were in perfect harmony, several religions and varies of nationalities exited at the same time; the temples looked splendid in green and golden; though people contacted the outer world by caravan for a long time, many foreign experts and scholars had come here to investigate and remained much relics

Obviously, that is not only a beautiful scenery, but also a kind of artistic conception. With the novel and the film coming out, Shangri-La became very famous in western countries. Later, a Chinese named Guo Huonian used the name of this place and set up "Shangri-La" Hotel Group which has become one of the most successful hotel group in the world.

At the same time, people didn‘t give up looking for the legendary Shangri-La. Up to the end of this century, they finally have found——

After inspecting and proving on many aspects, people found that Diqing Prefecture, the only an region in Yunnan, China, has striking similarity with what‘s described in the tale regarding either on natural scenery or people‘s way of living. Therefore, the name of "DiqingǎShangri-La" spreads worldwide.

一个旅游景点介绍英文 篇7

Mogao Caves are the nation key cultural relic preservation organ, isnamed

Thousand Buddhas Cave, is situated west the Gansu Corridor endDunhuang, is world famous by the fine mural and the cast. Itsbeginning constructs at 16 countries former Qin times, has beenthrough repeatedly 16 countries, the Northern Dynasty, Sui, Tang, fivegenerations, Tangut , the Yuan and so on all previous dynastiesconstructing,

forms the huge scale, existing cavern 735, the mural45,000 square meter, argillaceous painted sculpture 2,415, are in theworld the extant scale is biggest, the content richest Buddhism artplace. Since the modern times had discovered the Buddhist

scriptureshole, in had 50,000 ancient times cultural relics, and grew speciallyto study the Buddhist scriptures hole ancient book and Dunhuang artdiscipline - Dunhuang studies. But since Mogao Caves receive many people in the modern times for

thedamage, the cultural relic massively drain, its integrity wasseriously destroyed. In 1961, Mogao Caves are announced by thePeoples Republic of China State Council one of for first batch ofnational key cultural relic preservation organs. In 1987, Mogao Cavesare listed as the world culture inheritance.

Mogao Caves are located southeast the Chinese Gansu Province Dunhuang east 25 kilometer place Mt. Mingsha on the foothill cliff, first near dawdle Quan River, face east, north and south length 1680 meters, height 50 meters.Cavern distribution height scattered about, row after row, about most has five.Its beginning constructs at 16 country times, "the Li Obliging Repairs Mogao Caves Niche for a statue of Buddha Tablet" according to Tang the record.

Former Qin establishes a reign title for two years (366 years), the Buddhist priest happy goes via this mountain, sees the golden light sparkle suddenly, if presently ten thousand Buddha, therefore then opened cutting on the dike the first cavern.Hereafter the law good Zen master and so on continues in this to construct the hole to repair the imperial sacrifices, is called the desert high hole, Italy is the desert high place.Because later generation desert an